One will sink with debt and degenerates and will blame trump for it who is not even their president.
Sounds good - doesn't work. They need the two party system to maintain the appearance of democracy when nothing important changes. If there was only one strong, supported party, people could possibly start to think for themselves, and a new party could emerge that would actually do something for the people, not the big corporations. They cannot let that happen.
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Actual question: would the “red” or the “blue” states have a higher GDP and what about GDP per capita?
I think one would be called, the USA and other would be the united states of Dumbfuckistan and Jesusland. and one would be bankrupt as they wont get the federal handouts that come from the other.
Gonna flatly assume there'd be three. The third being the normal people who really don't give that much of a shit about political parties...
Hardly in two... the degenerates are on the west coast and on the east coast, while normal people live in the middle.
you would find out after those countries are founded that things aren't actually that black & white
It would still come up with Trump and Biden as candidates
this Idea remembers me of a south park episode
The Banana Republic of America
Or just split into their separate states.
Same shit, different colours
Russia and China will start to divide world, usofA keeps them on leech now.
Someone never learned about the civil war...
Splits are too boring. Here's the new layout Jim Jefferies suggested:
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Well it would the coasts vs the middle.
That is pretty much how these fuckers have been living.