A good gauge on whether to see a movie for me is the critic's score. If they love it, I will most likely not. I learned that with Star Wars. They hated it, i thoroughly enjoyed it
03:26 Mon
Trusting Rotten Tomatoes is like trusting your government.
03:26 Mon
vagina [laughs] sexual life [laughs more] little disgusting things [audience is dead from laughing]
03:26 Mon
Women aren't funny
03:26 Mon
Usually something with a high tomato score is utter shit
03:27 Mon
Samantha Bee surely gets downvotes from almost all Republicons giving her ratings, so that rating is badly distorted by political hyperpartisanship. The Amy Schumer rating is "100+" ratings, which is suspiciously low and likely not very representative of the audience.
03:28 Mon
I always go by both scores together. Critics high/ audience high = good Critics low/ audience high = good silly fun Critics low/ audience mid = shit movie that some dumb people liked Critics high/ audience low = Probably a perfectly fine movie that got comment-bombed by snowflakes who say things like "forced diversity."
03:31 Mon
The timestamp on the YT video is fake. He laughed after 15 minutes or so. That actually means very little. You could watch Dave Chapelle, and you would be very unlikely to laugh if your room is cool. We laugh much more easily in a warm room.
03:36 Mon